Shop for plug plants online

plug plants onlineOrder plug plants by post online and take the pressure off growing from seed. Planting plug plants that have typically grown into strong seedlings and young plants removes the risk of losing the seedlings or crop during the first few weeks when they are at their most vulnerable.

Choose from tubers, bulbs, mini-plugs, through to medium and large plug plants all ready for planting.

You’ll have those borders looking fantastic in no time!

Order plug plants by post

Here are a few plugs available from top garden centres and plant retailers online, to give you an idea of what’s for sale and how easy it is to choose plugs and order plants by post over the internet.

You can buy seeds, small, medium, large (or larger) plugs and even trees for quick next delivery if required. But let’s face it a day or two probably won’t make too much difference in the growing cycle!

The range of choice is massive, reaching into thousands, so use the Categories for browsing and perform a search to quickly find particular plants. You can also find all necessary growing and propagation accessories to suit beginner through to professional growers.

If you have the space there are plenty of great deals on herbs, vegetable plugs and fruit trees to provide your own fresh food straight from garden to table.

What are plug plants?

A plug plant is an individually grown seedling which is cultivated in a separate growing area or pot. The most common way people buy plant plugs is in polystyrene plug trays which prepare the plants for commercial distribution. For gardeners growing their own plugs then there are many propagation trays and pots in similar size and design available, but the emphasis is on single seedlings cultivated in their own area so just small pots are fine.

You can also buy bio-degradable plant pots for planting small plugs and seedlings which just organically disperse into the soil once their roots grow out. This is so useful for gardeners and ideal when planting medium to larger sized plants but containing them in a greenhouse or propagating are first.

Plug plants therefore have wide-ranging appeal with experienced gardeners, those starting out and anyone who wishes to jumpstart the process working with established plants which is very useful for garden design as you get more of an overview of your planting layout.

Best of all there is very low risk with using plugs. So grow your own, give back to nature, improve your gardening skills and enjoy seeing your plug plants mature into fully grown plants!